What is sculpture? 
Is it a lump of stuff?
An object, like an apple strudel?

A language, like poetry?


I once heard art was not an object but a trigger for experiences, and that's what I'm trying to make.


A few years ago, I started making my own line of functional pottery that I call Special Vessels.


I see them as the kind of ceremonial wares that I might like to use if I were hosting a guest from another world.
I would want them to feel safe and welcomed with objects that were intimate and special.

Sometimes I have a sense of where these shapes are coming from, but often I need to have it pointed out to me. People tell me they feel both strange and full of familiar motifs. That they seem both ancient and futuristic, hard to date. And while they talk to a tradition of use, their function is not always clear.


The truth is that they confuse me too — but if they can hold all these different languages, while at the same time holding your coffee or flowers, then I would love for you to have one.

Ben Wadler


b. 1982, New York City

The Royal College of Art, London
MA Sculpture

Kunstakademie Düsseldorf
Student exchange

Bard College, New York
BA Studio Art

Ben Wadler the artist
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